Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tool # 7

This was easy to create....but NOT EASY to upload....not at all!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tool # 11 Reflection

Working on these 11 tools this summer has taught me that I really missed out on a lot of technology training throughout the years. I felt like a 3rd grade LEP student suddenly thrust into a 12th grade honors English Lit. class.
My favorite and perhaps easiest tool that I could actually teach the students would be the Photostory. The students could use it to make a Social Studies timeline project....baby steps....
I know I need to incorporate more technology in the classroom, besides the Activboard and ELMO. I know I should step up to the 21st century way of teaching and not cling to the old ways. I must catch up with this "new" technology since it is the wave of the future and it will be a few years, at least, until I retire.

Tool #11

The first thing I would teach the students is technology etiquette. They will need to show appropriate online behaviour. Their comments must be meaningful and appropriate, they should not leave any comments that they would not like me to read.
I also want my students to explore and to broaden their horizons so that they may perhaps teach me, but to do so safely. I will teach them not to give out any personal information....EVER! I will also emphasize that any kind of cyber bullying is unacceptable, whether to be on the giving or receiving end of the bullying is not permissible.

Tool # 10

I cannot wait to use the itouches and i pads, but I hope that there will be workshops offered in the fall that will open my imagination to all the possibilities with this technology. There are several apps that I looked at that I might be able to use in the class: The Oregon Trail Free, Colonial Williamsburg, Math Tutor Lite, Math Tappers: Multiples, Math Tappers: Estimate FractionsMath Races Lite, and Write Answers:Sums.

Tool # 9

Skype would come in very handy for students who may need help with their homework, they could get step be step instruction. Visual aids are most helpful when teaching math. Students could also work together on projects using Skype and Jing.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Tool # 8


These are two helpful youtube videos on reducing fractions, a concept that students have difficulty understanding. I found this tool to be the easiest for me to understand so far.

Tool # 6

I think I get the idea behind wiki....it's kind of like a googledoc.....I think. It will a good tool for the kids to share ideas and for planning....they can use it for journaling about whatever math concept we learned for that week.